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First approved by the FDA in 1959, phentermine has helped millions of Americans to achieve real weight loss success! Phentermine suppresses appetite and stops cravings, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet and make better choices. Phentermine also works by boosting energy levels, increasing your motivation to get fit and active and lose weight for good! So, if you find it hard to stick to your diet, phentermine can give you the extra help you need to see the results you've always wanted!

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Michel Lukas | New York

Already lost 138 pounds!
Starting Weight: 303 pounds
Current Weight: 165 pounds

"I was overweight my entire life. Hit the 200lb mark in high school, and by college shot up to over 300lbs. I was always a fun, outgoing individual - but I was very self-conscious. I let my weight hold me back from so many things - I knew I had a lot of potential and desire - but let my weight get in the way. I loved food, I loved to eat, go out to eat, just over ate in general.

When I would get down on myself I tried starving myself, but then would binge eat which made everything worse. I took numerous over the counter, celebrity endorsed diet pills, nothing worked.

I then heard of phentermine, and gave it a try. I decided if I was going to finally make a change I would do it right this time - so I ate healthy, began a 30minute a day 5 days a week gym routine and the weight started to fly off.

I stopped taking the pills for a while.... The weight loss slowed down a lot... I got back on the pills and I started losing quickly again. I started at 303lbs and now weight 165lbs - and I've never been happier!"

- Michel
success story success story

Victoria | Baltimore Md

Already lost 77 pounds!
Starting Weight: 210 pounds
Current Weight: 133 pounds

"I've always had problems with my weight. I would start a new diet, lose weight then gain it all back. It was impossible for me to maintain what I lost. Even though in my mind I thought I wanted to lose weight emotionally and physically, I wasn't really ready to lose the weight.

Until one day it just clicked. I cracked down on what I ate. I stuck to a low calorie diet. I checked labels for EVERYTHING. Carbs, fat, calories you know it, I checked it. I drank half my weight in water everyday and I worked out 5-7 days a week to Richard Simmons (people always laughed at this but, it works - he is amazing).

As I lost more and more weight, I started eating different things. I started adding pizza in my diet and a couple of nights a week, would do turkey spaghetti so my body wouldn't get used to the same foods. It was definetly the hardest thing I have ever done but, it was so worth it and, now after fighting so hard to be happy, I will never let myself go back to what I used to be like."

- Victoria